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Medium Wet Bags


What is a Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag?
A super-functional bag featuring...


  • Snack Bags (6.5" x 6.5"), $9.00: perfect for snacking, wipes, toys, mama pads, ipods, cell phones, and so much more
  • Small bags (9" x 9"), $15.50: great for snacks, toys, momma pads, wipes & make-up/toiletries! Also perfect as a cute wristlet :)
  • Medium bags (11" x 14"), $18.50: perfect for toiletries, suntan lotion / bug repellent, or 2 cloth diapers and wipes when making short trips out of the house (this is the *perfect* size for dipes and wipes!). Also great for carrying your electronics / cords.
  • Large bags (14" x 16" x 4"), $25.50: great for dirty children's clothes/bibs/burp cloths and for longer trips out of the house when you'll need ~ 8 cloth diapers. Will also fit a pair of women's shoes up to size 9.
  • X-Large bags (16" x 22" x 6"), $31.50: appropriate for overnight trips, beach bag, yoga bag, gym bag and ~ 2 days of dirty cloth diapers
  • X-Large bags with 2 top snap straps (16" x 22" x 6"), $32.50: perfect for hanging on a changing table / bar
  • XXL bags with 2 top snap straps (18" x 30" x 6"), $42.50: holds ~3 days of dirty cloth diapers

Laundering and Care:

Simply throw the bag in with your dirty laundry (either turn it inside out or pull the lining out to make sure the soiled areas get cleaned - see picture below). For best care, avoid bleach, lightening agents and drying in direct sunlight.

You can machine dry the bags (low heat), but the ProCare will last longer if you hang dry. The exterior fabric can be ironed on the high / cotton setting - do not iron the ProCare lining.


* Bags are in stock and ready to ship


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