February 2013
Living La Vida Eco (product review: wet bag)

September 17, 2012
The Life Of Mummy Rawles (product review; wet bag)

May 7, 2012
Padded Tush Stats: (statistical product review / video review)

February 4, 2012
All About Cloth Diapers: (interview / product review; wet bag)

February 2, 2012
Kelly Wels: (product review; wet bag)

November 21, 2011
inRandom: (product review: wet bag)

November 10,2011
Mama's Trendy Tips: (product review: double pocket wet bag)

June 8, 2011
Green Baby Guide: (product review: double pocket wet bag)

June 2, 2011

ALASKAN MOM APPROVED: (product review: wet bag)

December 28, 2010
NHPR interview re: NASA bag made by Monkey Foot Designs:

January 15, 2009
The Park Lane Post

November 6, 2008
LIFE IS LIKE CHAMPAGNE (product review: wet bag)

October 23, 2008
GREEN BABY GIGGLES (product review: wet bag)

September 26, 2008
SEVEN DOGS AND A BABY (product review: wet bag)

May 20, 2008
NOW WHAT BABY (product review: wet bag)

May 16, 2008
LYRIC AND ARIAS MOM (product review: wet bag)

April 2008
PREGNANCY AND NEWBORN (recommendation of MFD wet bag in their cloth diapering article)

March 18, 2008
PLACE 4 MOMMIES (product review: wet bag)

August 5, 2007
Cool Mom Picks (product review: children's belt)


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