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Heather G. Thursday November 3, 2011
I just received my first Monkey Foot Designs bag. I haven't had time to test durability and performance over time yet, but wanted to leave a note of the high quality evident. My bag has the thickest PUL I've ever seen. The cloth material is good quality, the seams are very even and well-stitched stitching seems strong. The strap for the bag is thick with many stitched lines across the length to hold it together well - I was surprised at how carefully made the strap was. Even the metal hardware that clips the handle and bag together were remarkably better quality than many products I've seen. The zippers were also of good quality. I feel the money I paid for this bag was very well spent, especially considering the many glowing reviews I've read about these bags out-performing xxx and xxx with stink being sealed in, less wicking, and lasting longer. It's ridiculous how much I read up on stuff before I'll buy. Reviews have been amazing for MFD. I'll be a return customer for sure! Thanks, Kris! For the record, it's a double pocket large. I can fit approximately 16 infant prefolds and 4 PUL/cotton diaper covers in if I *really* stuff them in. Pretty good!
Gretchen Thursday September 29, 2011
A friend recommended MFD to me and I've never bought another brand of wetbag since! We use our MFD bags for diapers, wet clothes, beachwear, and I have a small one for my mineral makeup which is so much easier to clean than any other type of makeup bag. Love the fabrics, love the quality!
Becky Thursday September 8, 2011
I have had my wet bag since 2007 and it STILL looks brand new, does not leak at all, and is used nonstop. It was used for cloth diapers/soiled clothes for almost two years and then has been sent to school containing my duaghter's "in case of an accident" clothes every day, in addition to transporting wet bathing suits or liquids during travel. This is the best product I have found by a long shot! and it's so cute :
Ruth D. Monday August 8, 2011
These bags are seriously awesome! I ordered 2 bags, one for sunscreen and the other for wet suits after the pool and they are simply perfect. They are sooo sturdy and well-made and the fabric is adorable. I wouldn't buy these from anywhere else and you will be my go-to person for sure - these are a great, unique gift idea, too. Thank you so much!!
Alisha K Wednesday July 27, 2011
Perfect! Exactly as pictured, somehow even a little cuter. You can really see that the work is well done, and that no shortcuts were taken in the sewing process. Will definitely order from this shop again if I need more bags. Oh, and shipping was super quick and came in biodegradable packaging....bonus points!
Meghan N. Tuesday July 19, 2011
I cannot rave enough about this bag!! First of all, it shipped quickly. Second, it's made beatifully and holds just the right amt of dipes for a whole day out. Third, and most important, it puts my xxx and xxx wet bags to shame!! Holds smells in better, and holds up in the wash way better. Thank you so much!!
Sarah W. Tuesday July 19, 2011
This is the only wetbag that keeps my wet wipes wet and the rest of my diaper bag dry...hooray! Thanks so much!
Kim D. Thursday February 17, 2011
Love Love Love my wet bags from Monkey Foot Design. The customer service is amazing and the product is so high quality I recommend MFD to all my friends.
Lucy G Friday February 4, 2011
These are quite easily the BEST wet bags I've purchased - commercial or handmade. They're roomy, have smooth zippers, are well stitched, nice sturdy handles, and the fabrics are just darling. Thank you for bumping my wet bag stash up a notch. Even our daycare provider commented today how much she liked the new bags!
Steve P. Friday February 4, 2011
Best wetbag I own. It holds in wetness and odor amazingly well and it's so cute. Love these!
Karli Saturday November 20, 2010
I love the wetbags! The XL is the PERFECT size for 2 days worth of diapers and wipes, which is exactly how often I'm having to wash! I've washed the bag about 15 times now 30 if you count that I wash first on cold, then on hot each time, and it's holding up beautifully!

Thanks again!
Karla Saturday November 20, 2010
Hi Kristen! You know I love your products, and have ordered them for gifts, but I thought I would actually leave some feedback now that I've been using your wetbags for a while now.

I have a large - or maybe it's xl? - wetbag for hanging in the bathroom, and a double-pocket wetbag for the diaper bag.

I also got a (xxx) wetbag because they're very popular, and let me tell you - the quality of your bags is so much better! The lining is very sturdy, the handle, the zipper - it all seems so much more secure.

I wash the wetbags with diapers every few days, and the fabric is still vibrant. There have been no leaks, whereas the (xxx) bag seems damp after a while.

Just wanted everyone to know how fabulous and long-lasting your wetbags are!
Autumn B. Monday August 9, 2010
Excellent quality. My best performing wet bag in the house. The only one that doesn't leak smells.
Lanniece Wednesday August 4, 2010
Hi Kristen,

I absolutely love the wet bags that I ordered from you. The quality is great and they really hold in the odor. I have seen the xxxxxxx wet bags which get a lot of great reviews online and your bags are definitely superior in quality!
Denise H. Wednesday August 4, 2010
WOW!! I cannot say enough good things about these amazing awesome wet bags. Your work is gorgeous and they hold the smell and wetness 100%. I am in love and am about to order 2 more....
Jeanelle Wednesday August 4, 2010
Beautiful bag. Excellent workmanship. I use one of the Monkey Foot Designs bags when I go to the pool - it works just like it says it does - NO LEAKAGE! Thank you!
Amanda R. Thursday June 10, 2010
This is a gorgeous wetbag! I love that the inside isn't made out of PUL, I always end up snagging the PUL on my other wetbags with my ring. The smooth interior is a nice change. This bag easily holds enough for two days worth of diapers (and whatever else I happen to need to toss in while on the go! The shipping was fast and problem free!
Mary S. Sunday April 18, 2010
LOVE THEM! They are absolutely perfect for what I need. Packaging was great with suggested uses and how to clean. Fast shipping. This seller is a wonderful communicator as well. Definitely recommend her.
Kate M. Sunday April 18, 2010
Love, love, love the wetbag. The fabric is SO cute. Thank you very much. :
Jennifer J. Sunday April 18, 2010
I can truely fit 2 days worth of diapers in this XL bag! Well made and very nice print! Really worth it! I might need more :
Gisela Sunday April 18, 2010
Probably the best made wet bag I have seen. Excellent quality and exactly what I wanted. Thanks.
Katherine S. Sunday April 18, 2010
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This bag is the greatest bag ever. I like the larger size for diapers I also have it in a small, I love it so much and now I can keep the small one just for me! I love the way the zipper is sewn on, it looks so and is professionally done. I love the procare lining, too. It's nice and thick and feels so sturdy. I have washed the other one I own, so I know this one will wash up nicely, just as that one did. +++ rating.
Jessica Wednesday March 10, 2010
Hi Kris,

I have received the three bags and have been delighted with them! I actually had purchased a large wet bag from you about 2-3 years ago via Ebay and used it for storing dirty cloth diapers while on the go. Then while my daughter was being potty trained I used it to store extra clothes for accidents and then to store the wet clothes from the accidents eww. After my daughter was potty trained I then used it for storing wet swimsuits when we would go to the pool. To this day, it is still waterproof and in great condition!

I recently spotted your monkeyfoot designs store and was excited to see all that you had. Now that I'm almost due with our second child I thought your large 2-pocket wet bag would be perfect for separating clean/dirty diapers and the small bags will help with eliminating all of the little plastic baggies that we are always toting around snacks in and with yours I can fasten them to the stroller!.

That said, you make a quality lasting product that is not only functional and cute, but excellent for the environment and quite the conversation piece.

Thank you very much!
Susanne Thursday February 18, 2010
Have received the Traffic Jam bag. Looks even better in real life than on screen - delighted with it. I now have 4 bags and must stop .......... until I find another excuse to buy another one!
Stephanie Sunday February 14, 2010
I can't vouch for the usefulness of the bag yet, but the design is beautiful! I'm waiting for my new cloth diapers to arrive!
Carollyn Sunday February 14, 2010
Super fast delivery and a superb product! I saw many other wetbags online but I ordered here because she seemed like the expert- and I was right! Great communication prior to the sale and she even convoed me to tell me it had shipped. I WILL be back!
Taylor Sunday February 14, 2010
I actually filled this bag up with water and there was no leaking at all have had that happen with other brand bags so I always test! QUALITY= A+++
Also, I had a Post Office adventure with these bags and Kris was awesome and so incredibly helpful! Customer Service is NOT lacking here!
Sheila Sunday February 14, 2010
The wet bags are amazing! Not only do they work REALLY well, but they come in the best prints! Will be purchasing more soon!
Jessica E. Wednesday January 27, 2010
AMAZING quality! My jaw practically dropped when I got these in the mail! Beautiful packaging, adorable fabrics, and the workmanship is stunning! I almost don't want to use them, haha!
Allyn S. Wednesday January 27, 2010
Great wet bag - beautiful fabric accurately represented in the online picture, nice workmanship and beautiful packaging!
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